David Barlow BSc Phd, is a scientist and cinematographer. He has devised a number of scientific techniques for filming microscopic and endoscopic set-ups to achieve optimal visual results.

He has filmed major segments for many documentary programmes by major broadcasters.  He has also produced and directed TV documentaries for the C4 strand "Equinox" in addition to filming much of the content.   

David works to expand the archive of scientific film he has been compiling for 20 years. He also takes commissions to create visual effects sequences, specialising in complex simulated reconstructions of real phenomena on a miniature scale. He uses models and composites to cross the boundaries of scale and create special effects shots for high end TV documentary production.

David retains his links with the University of Southampton and serves on the external advisory board of the Centre for Biological Sciences. 

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Emmy  - Design and Art Direction  

"Inside the Living Body"  National Geographic      2007

Royal Television Society      Visual Effects/Special Effects  

"Life Before Birth"    C4     2005

Lennart Nilsson Award     2003  


Royal Television Society  Photography     

"The Human Body"    BBC     1998

Royal Television Society  Visual Effects     

"The Human Body    BBC     1998

There is a brief summary of main production credits below or you can download a complete CV as a PDF  HERE


Cradle to Grave

Storm City 3D Sky

Miracles of Life TLC

Birth Discovery

Raging Planet Discovery

In the Womb: Extreme Nat Geo/C4

In the Womb: Dogs Nat Geo/C4

In the Womb: Cats Nat Geo/C4

Inside the Living BodyNat Geo/C4

Fight for Life BBC

In the Womb: Mammals  Nat Geo/C4

In the Womb: Multiples Nat Geo/C4

Ocean Odyssey BBC

Truth about Food BBC

Naked Science II Nat Geo/C4

Challenger C4

Naked Science Nat Geo/C4

Krakatoa C4

In the Womb/Life Before BirthNat Geo/ C4

The Human Mind BBC

Body Snatchers BBC

Time Machine BBC

Mysterious Universe  C4

Walking with Cavemen BBC

Extreme Machines V TLC

The Human Body BBC/Discovery (Large Format/IMAX)

Teen Species BBC

Volcano Detectives C4

Superhuman BBC

Universe C4/TLC

Extreme Machines IV TLC

Blast Off; Stories from the final frontier TLC

Extreme Machines III TLC

The Human Body BBC

Extreme Machines II TLC

Extreme Machines TLC

Avalanche C4

Conundrum BBC 

Reality on the Rocks C4

Body Atlas TLC           

Wild Shots C4 (Six part series. Sole director)

Cracking the Code Nova/BBC

Superstrings C4 (Producer/director)

Heart of Healing Turner

Not in the Stars C4 (Producer/Director) 

Faster than a Speeding Bullet C4 (Producer/ Director)

Chaos C4 (Producer/Director)

The Art of Deception C4 (Director)

To the Limit IMAX 

Nature's Technology C4 (Producer Director)

The Living Body (26 parts) C4                                


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